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Transforming Future, Blooming Together! 2017 INVT Global Partners Conference Will be Held Soon
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2017 INVT Global Partners Conference will be held from Dec. 9th to Dec. 13th in Huizhou, Guangdong under the theme of “TRANSFORMING FUTURE, BLOOMING TOGETHER”, which brings INVT global partners from all walks of life in five continents and INVT oversea employees together looking to forge deeper connections.

Transforming Future

In current society, the fierce competition and the ever-changing external market pose a challenge to both of us. Nevertheless, the pace of second Scientific Revolution is slowing down. A new technological revolution, including artificial intelligence, new materials and new energy, is taking place. Therefore, the past experiences and the previous methods are no longer applicable. In the meanwhile, INVT is no longer content with horizontal progress and seeks for vertical progress that goes from 0 to 1. Based on the development of science and technology, INVT makes efforts to address that technology and customer needs are the key drivers of innovation. We firmly believe that only transformation can boost business growth, marking a new economic era.

Blooming Together

In faced with these common challenges, we should advocate the concept of “A Community of Common Destiny” that proposed by Chairman XI. The concept of “Common Destiny” is taking shape in human society as well as the commercial community. With the expanding of interest-convergence among all partners, we share prosperity and bear losses together. Therefore, all of us should band together to establish a mutually symbiotic relationship of which essence is compliance and evolution, to acquire the mutual benefit and to reach a win-win situation, working together to build INVT cooperative ecosystem.

In every conference, we summarize the accomplishments in the past and explore the year ahead. We also discuss together to spark new ideas. With the upcoming conference, we sincerely welcome the invited partners to participate in 2017 INVT Global Partner Conference with us to recall the ups and downs, to explore the transforming future, to seek the opportunity of blooming together, and to spark a fresh wave of thinking.

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