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Let's Go Close to INVT Spot News at SPS 2017
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As the Europe´s leading exhibition for electric automation, SPS IPC DRIVES 2017, which is famous for its professional environment and wide-ranging automotive products, is going on in Nuremberg,Germany, starting on 28th, 2017. As a leading manufacturer of electric automation technology in China, what INVT bright spots will be highlighted? Let’s get close to the INVT SPS exhibition, which is held in fullswing.

During this exhibition, INVT displays the benchmarking products as well as the newly announced products, including inverter and servo system in the industrial automation field and samples in network power, which attracts new and old customers from Czech Republic, Portugal,Germany, Finland, Italy, Korea, England, Russian and more and the engineers work at the leading company in our industry to communicate and to exchange. Our technical specialist and sale teams make a comprehensive explanation for the product and skill so as to show INVT enterprise image that “providing the best product and service to allow customers more competitiveness” to the customers and manufacturers.

During the exhibition, the new product debuts one by one. The GD20-EU series, which has passed the TÜV certification,supporting the function of STO (Safe Torque OFF). The newly developed GD350,which based on COOESYS platform, is able to extend easily, support CAN-Bus Communication and closed-loop control system, matching various customized demand sin different industries. 

What’s more, High Speed Gear Synchronous Mesh Demonstration System, which can be widely applied in various industries,including forcing and pressing, packaging, paper-making, building material and bending. This solution integrates display with control: Highly integratedmotion control+ display+ touch screen. With the feature of the open software, easy extensibility, high-speed response, multi-axis motion control, it is easy to operate and easy to use in order to meet customer requirements.


Integrate Display with Control: Highly integrated motioncontrol+ display+ touch screen.

Open Software: The development software is based on COOESYS platform, which fulfills IEC61131-3 standard and features high openness to offer secondary development space for users.

Multi-axisMotion Control: Support Electronic cam, electronic gear and multi-axis synchronization;

High Speed in Real Time: 100M communication ratio based on EtherCAT to ensure high speed transmission of data information in real time.

High Speed Response: The drive adopts 2.0KHZ DA200 to ensure high speed drive response.

HMI: Abundant graphic library for users to develop visualized interfaces by themselves.

Easy Extendibility: The system can extend to information layer flexibly and realize remote data transmission as well as build-up of networking smart factory via integrating with IoT. 

We firmly believe that INVT can be a significant part to accelerate global customers’ Industry 4.0 transformation. 2017 SPS is coming to an end, why not going to visit us at booth 620, Hall 3 to visit us and get the latest solution.We are looking forward to your visit.
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