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Opportunities or Challenges in India (1)
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“One Belt, One Road” is one of China’s most ambitious economic policy projects in recent years, connecting China with global areas through a massive program of infrastructure building. During these time, Chinese companies aggressively implemented "Going Out" strategy. However, INVT started to enter India market in 2006, witnessing various changes and challenges.

Milestones of business development
INVT entered India market in the year of 2006, as we mentioned above, which was one of the earliest Chinese national companies that breaks into India on industry automation. Obviously, the demand for its products is high and the sale revenues have been keeping growing. The CAGR is up to 80% while the growth rate is up to 50000% over time. So far, it has a branch office that titled Invt Electric India Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai India with local employees to support mature localization operations and to understand the India market better. With local warehouse in India, INVT ensure customers to get order delivered faster. However, regardless of location, clients have access to our global network since INVT is all over the globe.

Successful Projects in India
Wherever you are headed through India you are certain to encounter INVT product or solution. INVT’s integrated electrical and automation system is being used in innovative project designed to increase productivity and to increase stability in India, making machine more efficient and intelligent.

INVT solutions are widely used including elevator, injection moulding machine, paper mill, vertical raw mill, sugar plant, treadmill and more.

Low Voltage Inverter

INVT GD35 series ac drive support close loop vector control and are compatible with synchronous and asynchronous motors. In the application of paper mill, it is used for controlling multi motors through CANopen to realize high accuracy and accurate speed control.

Medium Voltage Inverter

So far, INVT GD5000 series MV drives already widely used in Cement industry for applications like ID fan, FD fan, Boiler feed pump, pre-heat fan, and vertical raw mill and so on. The application of GD 5000 in Vertical raw mill in India turned out to help to reduce the total cost, to achieve 54 pulses rectifier with phase shifting transform, lower harmonic pollution to the grid net, to reduce the maintenance time so as to reduce cost and increase profits.

As you can see, INVT continues to provide solutions for manufacturers’ upgrade that enable to help them to accelerate in the race toward Industry 4.0.
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