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Opportunities or Challenges in India(2)
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The Story of the Long-term Cooperation
Interview with the sales manager of India- Leo Liu

In the year of 2006, INVT had already established 4 years and endeavored to go into the international market. With its reliable products, credible teams and high work efficiency, the overseas business unit of INVT has made cooperation with a local company, selling CHV100. Since we did our utmost to execute every order as the first order, we won the local company trust, leading to a series of transactions between us.

Immediately after the first order, the product received very good market repercussion. In the next year, the company went to China and visited INVT’s laboratory and plant. It was inspired by its professional equipment, rigorous development team, and signed the cooperative contract with INVT for 2007, wishing to establish a long-term relationship.

However, the strategic alliance among enterprises was not always in smooth going. There are difficulties and setbacks in these years. Fortunately, in faced with complex market demands and the turbulent market competitive environment, INVT and our local partner have been making progress together to explore new areas and to expand the new market in order to embark on a very fruitful outcome, especially in the industry of textile, sugar and solar.

In the year of 2013, owing to the unerring instinct for the market, the local partner and INVT firstly came to a realization that there is a huge potential market for solar industry. INVT dispatched staff in together with our local employees to do market research, followed by developing new products and repeating testing. With mutual efforts, we seized a dominant market share.

With 11 years cooperation, we have been working together around the common progress. So far, the local partner has grown into medium-sized enterprises with two factories and INVT has been committing to be globally leading and respected provider for products and services of industrial automation and electric power. We grew together, we boosted together and we strived for common development. Even though we have been partnered for 11 years, we are still looking for numerous decades to build a long-term relation to progress together and to seek common development.

Taking Off Into the Future
So far, INVT has established subsidiary in India and the sales volume steadily highs, gaining market share and loyal consumers. As a global company, INVT has been always adopted its corporate social responsibility strategy to shape positive relations with the environment. Today, it is not a victory but a celebration of development, symbolizing an end as well as a beginning. INVT has confidence to dominate more markets by reliable quality and solutions, in good faith and cooperation, with our local employees and our local partners in India, relying on advanced technology development.

About INVT

INVT, established in 2002, is committed to be the globally leading and respected provider for products and services of industrial automation and electric power. In 2010, it listed as an A-share company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002334). INVT is the national torch plan key high-tech enterprise, now has 16 subsidiaries, in 12 major research and development center of the country, the patent application for all kinds of more than 800, on power electronics, electric drive, automatic control, key technology, such as information technology, the main products include  general purpose inverter, elevator intelligent control system, servo system, PLC, HMI, SVG, UPS, motor and electric spindle, photovoltaic inverter, online management system for energy conservation and emissions reduction, rail transit traction system, new energy automobile electronic control system, etc. INVT has more than 2,500 employees, three large production bases, and marketing networks in more than 60 countries and regions in China and abroad.

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