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Application of KFT1000 Elasticizer Electrical Control System in Elasticizer
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Abstract: KFT1000 elasticizer control system is used in the JWFK6-10C warp and weft chemical fiber production elasticizer. The system is easy to adjust with ideal ingot forming, communication method has simplified the elasticizer control system, and powerful inverter function has improved the product quality and production efficiency. With fast spinning speed, spinning effect can fully meet the production requirements. Transmission speed is stable and reliable; motor is high energy efficient, simple maintenance, low maintenance costs; temperature control is accurate and stable; stable winding forming, no edge warping, no hard edge, no mesh.
Transforming the motor drive to replace the previous tension wheel and toothed belt, reduce the machine failure rate; machine parts consumption has been greatly reduced, which has reduced the production costs. Under the constant temperature control system, product quality has been stable protection.
1. A Brief Introduction to Equipment and Technology of Elasticizer 
The whole name of elasticizer is called false twist elastic thread machine, and it’s a kind of processing equipment that process POY silk and other raw wire into elastic wire with a low elasticity and medium elastic performance. In the multi-function elastic thread machine of textile machinery, tensile deformation is one of the important processing links. The heating and constant temperature control of wire material will directly affect the quality of wire tensile deformation. The consistency of filament temperature and consistency between filaments have a great influence on the intension of filament deformation, crunch elongation, curl and unevenness dyeing, etc.
  Elasticizer is generally set as symmetrical A side (Left side) and B side (right side), the upper thermal box and sub layer thermal box are respectively installed on each side, Each hot box is equipped with a heater and temperature sensor, Which constitute the heating and measuring parts of elasticizer. Conventional elasticizer drive system uses several frequency converters to control the speed of each transmission part. Through the speed sensor (encoder or proximity switch) installed on the transmission part, the speed of each inverter is measured in real time to satisfy the process requirements of stretching and false twist, so inverter’s closed-loop constant speed control is essential.
2. Application scheme introduction
This case is used in JWFK6-10C warp and weft chemical fiber elasticizer produced in December 2007, we transform and upgrade the front and rear drive, change the belt drive into direct transmission, and adopt high efficiency synchronous motor and frequency one to one drive. Replace the entire control system at the same time, including PLC control system, heating control.
We have adopted KFT1000 elasticizer electrical control system specially developed by INVT for high speed elasticizer, which includes PLC control system, heating control, inverter and motor drive system, including: 

2.1 System control:
Adopting a stable and reliable Siemens PLC module, A and B sides are independently controlled; A, B surfaces are independent drive control and can be sub-surface operation.
2.2 Drive module:
(1)Adopting INVT high-performance GD300 vector inverter.
(2)Adopting direct drive mode. Relative to belt drive (repair and replace wearing parts at regular intervals), it has simplified the mechanical structure (without wearing parts), reduced the daily maintenance of human and material costs. 
(3)The motor adopts high efficiency synchronous motor. Reference to the design requirements of servo motor, a special optimization is carried out. It adopts senseless vector control, coaxial fan, hot fan with a simple structure, small size, easy installing, stable and reliable speed. It doesn’t need closed-loop control, there won’t be actual speed error caused by "slip" of traditional motor.
(4)On account of the three-layer black stick and slotted drum drive motor, adopt inverter 1 to 1 single drive control. It has more reliable speed control compared to a frequency band with three layers black stick or slotted drum on the market(1 with 3), It has more reliable speed control, and three-layer black roll or slotted drum will not appear speed error, and when single black stick or slotted drum appear mechanical or electrical failure, it will not affect the normal work of other black stick and slotted drum, and spinning will continue. (the whole vehicle won’t stop, which can reduce the loss).

(5)Temperature control module: adopt centralized control mode: the upper thermal box (A, B sides), sub layer thermal box adopt single module control. Single temperature control module can monitor 11 thermal boxes. PT100 platinum resistance three-wire measurement, measuring range: -50.0 ℃ to +300.0 ℃, resolution 0.1 ℃, measurement accuracy: ± 0.5% F.S adopting standard RS485 MODBUS RTU protocol.

(6)Length module: single module detects the 12-bit fixed length and weight. Unilateral single external installation. Including thread detecting, shredding, production, and broken wire status; with automatic / manual shredding, delay shredding, anti-shaking thread detecting and other functions. Adopting standard RS485 MODBUS RTU protocol. 

(7)Man-machine interface: 10-inch touch screen user interface is easy to use, adopting standard 485-modbus, Ethernet communication.
(8)Unique GPRS Internet of Things module can know the machine operating conditions via mobile phone APP, as well as the machine production and efficiency.

3.2 after transformation:

3.3 Usage effect:
The system is easy to adjust with ideal spindle forming, the application effect and customer response are both well, and various protection functions of inverter have provided a guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of equipment. The communication method has simplified the control system of elasticizer, and the powerful inverter function has improved the quality and productivity of product.  
Through a few months actual spinning production, spinning specifications is 66dtex / 48f (warp), spinning speed reaches 760 m / min, spinning effect fully meets the production requirements. Transmission speed is stable and reliable; motor is energy efficient, simple maintenance and low maintenance costs; temperature control is accurate and stable; stable winding forming, no edge warping, no hard edge, no mesh.
Transforming the motor drive and replacing the previous tension wheel and toothed belt have reduced machine failure rate, machine parts consumption and production costs. And the product quality has been ensured by constant temperature control system.

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