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Application of INVT Servo System in CNC Deep Drilling
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1. Preface
In this era of rapid technological change, the traditional machine tool processing equipment cannot meet the needs of equipment upgrades; the upgrading of machine tool industry equipment is an imminent thing. At present our country has become the world's largest machine tool industry consumer and producer, the following is an introduction of INVT servo and inverter in the NC deep hole processing industry.

2. Introduction of equipment
Deep hole machining is a kind of mechanical processing, compared with the traditional deep hole processing equipment, automatic processing equipment has obvious advantages in the processing accuracy and processing efficiency, the processing of elongated holes often appears diameter changes, cone and so on, so as not to meet the requirements of processing quality. Therefore, in the absence of special deep hole processing equipment, ordinary deep hole processing equipment is important for small processing enterprises and individual processing households, and automatic dedicated deep hole processing equipment is particularly important for standardized and batched processing. here we mainly introduce the applications of INVT products in the horizontal deep hole drilling.

According to the spindle layout, it can be divided into horizontal deep hole drilling machine, vertical deep hole drilling machine and three coordinate deep hole drilling machine /

3. Introduction of equipment composition 

4. Introduction to electrical control method
The controller of whole system adopts the special deep hole machining CNC as the main controller, controls the transmission and asynchronous servo of the servo transplanting mechanism as the drill drive, the pressure carries out the original action, accepts the temperature and pressure sensor signal. The temperature control unit is independently controlled and the pressure control unit is independently controlled.

Servo selects INVT universal AC servo system DB100, it is not only 32bit, but also has a floating-point unit, you can fully guarantee the accuracy demands of servo algorithm. It has a significant advantage over the 24-series DSP of TI company selected by some other servo manufacturers.

Electric drive system control diagram 1.2

5. The main points of debugging
Servo axis (DB100) X / Y / Z respectively controls the motor's high-precision feed, where Z-axis adopts a motor with brake, the motion requirements of 3-axis are high-speed precision positioning, so the rigidity of servo is relatively high, through the build-in trap filter of drive (the resonance suppression under high stiffness), the speed PDFF algorithm (high-speed stop anti-shake algorithm) ensures the high-speed precision positioning of axis platform.

First determine the pulse ratio relationship between the upper controller and servo, such as CNC sends 2000 / Pulse = servo rotation a week, servo rotation a week to feedback 2000 Pulse to CNC /.

The parameter is set to: P0.03 = 0 position control
P0.25 = 5 gear ratio molecules
P0.26 = 1 gear ratio denominator
P0.23 = 2 quadrature pulse input
              P0.24 = 1 Motor rotation direction is reversed
              P1.03 = 15 Rigid
P2.10 = 30 speed feed forward PDF control (to improve high-speed positioning shock)
P0.06 = 10000 encoder pulse frequency division molecule
P0.07 = 2000 encoder pulse frequency denominator
In the gain, because the response in the speed and location and other aspects needs to be adjusted, that is, to ensure the specific position with correct response for the instructions issued by host computer. If this ability to respond is reduced, each fast operation mode will become meaningless. And there will be slow action, working can’t be stopped in time while interrupting is needed. There will often appear left and right offset in the specified location.

On the contrary, if the response capability is too high, the resonance point of device resonates and the vibrated status can’t be controlled. In addition, according to the speed gain, when the position gain is set too large, there will be shock divergence state, which won’t be able to controlled and need attention. In short, if the response is too low, then the operation will delay, if it’s too high, there will be vibration in operation. In the too high and low range, how to correctly respond and find a relatively appropriate range to make the quick and coordinated response depends on the gain debugging.

At present, in order to achieve the vibration generated by high response, the device resonance suppression notch filter switches the gain according to the state and relieves the command error FIR filter and other functions.

Spindle frequency conversion:
The requirements of spindle applications on the frequency conversion function are relatively simple, but the performance requirements are high, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. Excellent low frequency torque characteristics;
2. Excellent speed control accuracy, good field weakening control;
3. Quick torque response speed, small current fluctuation;
4. Simple debugging, support parameters static self-learning;
5. Good overload capacity and environmental adaptability, high operational reliability;
6, Excellent EMC performance, to avoid interference caused by external frequency;
7, High-performance open-loop vector control mode must be adopted.
To achieve the above objectives, you must use high-end inverter with the power input side filter device. INVT Goodrive300 series high-performance vector inverter can fully meet the control demands of deep hole drilling machine spindle motor.
Spindle motor power: 5.5KW
Rated frequency: 16.7Hz
Customer requirements: the speed fluctuations less than 1 r / min, current fluctuations less than 1A in the motor 70HZ weak flux operation.
According to the scene actual situation, manufacturers choose INVT GD300 5.5kw inverter.

(Picture for the customer site installed control cabinet)


1.Note the power matching between the motor and drive.

2.In the multi-drive installation, pay attention to the installation distancebetween two drives and maintain good heat dissipation.

3.The signal cable and main power supply or power cable separate wiring toprevent interference.

4.Before power on, power off the coupling of the motor and table to do theno-load operation check.

5.Before running, check the relevant parameters of operation is set to preventthe galloping caused by the parameters setting.

6.Ensure that the cable between the motor and drive is securely connected toprevent accidents due to poor contact.

7.Motor input line selects the diameter matching cable according to the actualsituation.



   through using invt complete sets of powerproducts in the transformation machine, the processing efficiency andprocessing accuracy of machine tool have been effectively upgraded, especially theeffect in deep hole processing.

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