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Application of INVT UPS power supply in Nanjing Normal University
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Nanjing Normal University, referred to as "South Normal University", located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, it is the national "211 Project" key construction and Jiangsu Provincial Key University. Nanjing Normal University has Xianlin, Suiyuan, Zijin three campuses, the Suiyuan campus has a reputation of "the most beautiful campus in the East". It’s floor area is 2009906 square meters, the total construction area of 1053697 square meters. There are 25 secondary colleges and 2 independent colleges. There are a total of 3255 in-service faculty members, 16425 undergraduates in school, 9836 graduate students in school.
INVT tower UPS HT11 series provide green energy-saving power protection for Nanjing Normal University.

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